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Santa Clara County Office of Education

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The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) is committed to serving, inspiring, and promoting student and public school success. The Santa Clara County Resource & Referral (SCC R&R) Program’s philosophy is to provide every family and provider with what they need to be successful by implementing the Santa Clara County Office of Education's core values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and partnership. The goals of the SCC R&R Program are: • Every family in Santa Clara County will have access to the information they require to access high-quality early care and education (ECE) that meets their specific needs. • The full variety of ECE providers in the county will have access to a R&R system that supports their programmatic and financial success.

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Main Office
1290 Ridder Park Drive, Mail Code 261 San Jose CA 95131
(669) 212-5437
Program highlights
Child Care Referrals

We believe all parents and guardians should have equal access to information regarding available child care services. This is why we provide a child care referral list of licensed child care program providers to use when searching for child care. This information is provided free of charge. However, the information we provide is not meant to be a recommendation. We only provide parents and guardians with the information–it’s up to them to make their own decisions. We cannot guarantee or vouch for the quality of any provider or program included on a child care referral list. We urge all parents and guardians to look into each program and find one that fits their unique needs.

Child Care Initiative Project

The Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) is a training program to assist aspiring home-based child care providers improve the quality of care they offer. The CCIP training series provides help with the licensing process, tips for getting started, home visits, pre-license inspections, and customized 1:1 support. The program also offers learning opportunities and workshops on topics ranging from business practices to healthy and safety and more. CCIP training is available to anyone interested in family child care licensing. Providers who currently offer home-based child care (licensed or not), or anyone interested in starting one, is encouraged to learn more.