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Free Lead Testing Available for California Child Care Centers – Act Now!

Under California Assembly Bill 2370, all child care centers built before January 1, 2010 must have their water tested for lead. Testing can cost as much as $5,000, but for a limited time, the State of California is offering FREE water testing for all applicants.  

Why is Lead Testing Important?

Lead is a type of metal found in some products that is very toxic to people. Even a small amount of lead can damage children’s brains and cause life-long learning and behavior difficulties. Higher amounts of lead can harm the nervous system and organs, and they can even lead to death. One of the most common ways children are exposed is by drinking water from older plumbing fixtures that contain lead.

How Can Child Care Centers Test Their Water for Lead?

Sacramento State’s Office of Water Programs (OWP) is partnering with the California Rural Water Association to offer free water testing to child care centers. To take advantage of this free offer, fill out this eligibility form. Applying takes just 5 minutes!


To be eligible for free testing, child care centers must apply through the OWP’s website. There is no reimbursement for third-party water testing.

Is There Help For Child Care Centers Who Need to Replace Fixtures?

Centers with excessive lead levels may be eligible to be reimbursed for replacement fixtures. To qualify, they must provide documentation to OWP, which includes the following.


Official results must be reported by a state-certified lab to the California State Water Board.


Are Family Child Care Homes Required to Test for Lead?

The water testing requirements in Assembly Bill 2370 do not apply to Family Child Care Homes. Family Child Care Homes that want to test their tap water should check out these recommendations from the California State Water Resources Control Board.

How Can My Child Care Center Apply for Free Testing?

The time for this FREE offer is limited, so apply today! Follow the links below to find more information on testing and assistance:

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Last updated on February 13, 2024
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